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Parabeam - A Success Story

‘Investing in what the market wants.’

We are a 3D fiberglass composite manufacturer specialized in the best bonding®- and weaving techniques. 

As a result, one of our core products, the woven fiberglass structure (3D fiberglass) is unique in the market. As 3D fiberglass can also be intertwined with other materials, the resulting sandwich structures provide customers with a material that is light in weight, flexible, and ductile. 

We provide what the market needs: Expertise in the composites industry, but also in related fields, such as transportation technology, process engineering and construction.

"You can’t buy applied experience off the shelf".



Jurgen Koot, CEO


Fiberglass Composites and Industry Expertise

Our team has been involved in many projects during the last two decades. Parabeam 3D fiberglass cloth and expertise for this reason regularly appears in the media:

Maas Transit Mag

Reinforced Plastics Magazine

Composites Manufacturing Magazine

Composites Portal


Fiberglass News

marine equipment glass fabricsToday, the world's largest marine equipment trade show METS has opened its doors in the

parabeam glass fabric fiberglass profile

We have already explained why the composites industry holds promise for a bright future. Sectors such as aerospace and wind energy are facing immense technology leaps and investments, while the Asian composites market is expected to amount to 20 billion euros in 2014. It is therefore not surprising that other recent reports predict a similar development for the fiberglass sector.

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The Fiberglass Cloth Expert


By now our team has received a remarkable worldwide recognition for concepting and prototyping with fiberglass fabrics. Composite material experts from all sorts of high-end fiberglass processing industries, like marine, road- and rail transport, automotive, aerospace, military, construction and the sports sector chose to work with us.


3D Fiberglass Fabrics

With the introduction of Parabeam® 3D fiberglass composites in the late 1980's the composite material industry took a leap forward. The fiberglass cloth was instantly received by the industries as an ideal solution to create thicker sandwich structures which were significantly lower in weight than comparable composite materials. Since the high level technology behind the production was so well thought-out, Parabeam became the synonym for Glass Fabrics in the years following. And in cooperation with companies from various industries, our team has since then been developing and discovering new fields of application, e.g. fiberglass panels, and fiberglass reinforced constructions, such as marble facade cladding. To date we provide high scores in terms of lightweight, flexibility, fire-retardancy and many other aspects which are important to the different manufacturers and industries. It is therefore not surprising that Parabeam is now internationally renowned for creative glassfiber composite solutions.


Find out About Fiberglass Composite Materials

On this website, you will find detailed information on Parabeam’s fiberglass applications as well as guidance on how to process Parabeam® composite materials. We hope that these information will inspire you to identify and develop new product ideas and at the same time point out the many advantages of our products.

Also have a look at the news section where we publish interesting articles about innovative implementations of Parabeam’s fiberglass fabrics.