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Standard Fabrics

3D Glass Fabrics for Composite Structures

Our 3D Fiberglass Fabric is a fiberglass structure, consisting of the bi-directional woven fabric woven together by vertical pillars. After being impregnated, Parabeam® 3D glass Fabrics have a superior property both mechanically and chemically. In combination with resin, it is particularly suited for being a core material in industries that heavily rely on factors such as weight, impact resistance, thermal insulation, acoustic damping, and high strength.

 Support & Prototyping

The Parabeam® 3D woven Fabrics are available worldwide through a network of distributors. They can offer technical advice and application support for all of our composite materials. Testing samples as well as a choice of the most common specs are available in their warehouses for immediate delivery. Feel free to contact us directly for the distributor in your area.

If you are looking for a tailor-made solution, please read more in our engineered fabrics section.