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Mission and Vision


Complex products, until recently only possible to build from traditional materials are now made from composites. However, the world of composites develops and expands with an incredible speed. New composite material products may look new, but are built with dramatically old fashioned methods. Parabeam® offers the composites processing industry not only 3D Fabrics, but also a new way of working. This new way of working has key advantages as saving money and time and offers the characteristics no other composite sandwich material has.

Latest technology

As a result of a growing complexity of products, already long time ago manufacturers have changed from conventional materials like steel and wood, to composite sandwich structures in all forms and shapes. While this change has enabled them to make better products, we still see that despite the wide-spread use of these high tech composite materials, the production methods sometimes remain dramatically old-fashioned in the industry in many cases.

With the technology that we have developed at Parabeam we feel that in a partnership with our customers, we can make the full switch now to using state-of-the-art materials along with the latest processing technology to create products that meet the requirements of the future.