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Aerospace industry

Without the use of light materials, such as fiber reinforced composites, the aerospace industry would have looked totally different today. Where it took manufacturers decades to get convinced about the possibilities of composite materials; they are now synonym to the air transport industry. New technologies and process innovations have decreased costs and are responsible for increased use of fiber reinforced composites on Airbus’ new A380 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Fast production process

Parabeam’s simple application process makes it fast and easy to work with on both small and large scale projects. The hand layup process saves you precious project time and budget on training personnel, resin cost, tool cost and processing equipment. The time saved using Parabeam in fiber reinforced composites has a direct positive effect on your production time. If time flies, fly along.

Use of fiberglass

Parabeam fiberglass materials can be used for an endless number of applications, structurally as well as cosmetically. Parabeam’s features allow designers to take their concepts to a new level; a light, yet rigid composite material sandwich. A hollow core that can function as an isolation device or air-conditioning. Parabeam’s possibilities are endless; the sky is not the limit.