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Intelligent military applications

The defense industry sets high quality standards for obvious reasons. Mobility, ease of use and ballistic properties are fundamental requirements in this industry. Fiberglass panels made with Parabeam intrinsically offer many possibilities for intelligent application in military equipment.

Defense vehicles

Each mission requires its own approach in design and construction. Because of its drapeability, lightweight properties and yet rigid structure, Parabeam 3D Glass Fabrics have been chosen as the product for defense vehicles because of its intrinsic qualities; lightness and strength.

More protection

On the battle field, different situations require specific solutions. Therefore, Parabeam offers solution based development of the required materials. Wherever the strength of 3D Glass Fabrics are just not enough to protect3D Aramid Fabrics might be the solution. 3D Aramid Fabrics have stunning lightweight characteristics, with necessary greater impact properties. Parabeam acts as your partner in the design stage, engineering the most suitable material for the mission.