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Fiberglass: an attractive material

For years, Parabeam has been a preferred building material for the marine industry. Of course the high weight efficiency makes Parabeam an attractive material (for example when used in fiberglass sheets). Compared to traditional sandwich materials, especially honeycomb, Parabeam’s sandwich structure makes it impossible for the decklayers to come apart when exposed to moisture. The ingenious design of Parabeam 3D Glass Fabrics eliminates the risk of delamination and rotting, also when used in fiberglass sheets. This greatly enhances the durability of the material, and therefore that of your boat as well. The intrinsic all-in-one concept of Parabeam makes it a material for any budget.

Working with Parabeam

Shipyards around the world know the benefits of using Parbeam for fiberglass sheets. Manufacturers, as well as repair-workshops are fans of Parabeam since working with Parabeam3D Glass Fabrics is fast and easy. It’s virtually a one-step process which does not require any high-tech and labor intensive manufacturing processes such as vacuum bagging.