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Public transport

One of the most rapidly growing markets for the gfrp industry is the public transport market.

Trains are becoming more and more important in our modern day society. Every year, more people around the world commute to and from work and want to do so in the most comfortable way. This stimulates engineers around the world to seek for materials that fit in best with the requirements. Lightness, rigidity and versatility describe Parabeam best. Whether used in gfrp, as a core material in wallpanels or flooring, or as a insulating / heating device using the hollow space in between the decklayers, Parabeam 3D Glass Fabrics ensures ease of processing and high efficiency in numerous transport applications. Also compatible with phenolic resins, Parabeam meets the criteria of the international FST (Fire, Smoke, Toxidity) standards.

High speed trains, commuter trains, trams, metros and buses around the world have been fitted with gfrp made with Parabeam. As a confirmation towards quality, manufacturers such as Bombardier, CAF and Alstom regularly specify Parabeam for their projects worldwide.